Professor Philip Donoghue FRS

Postdoctoral Fellows and Associates
Dr Roberto Feuda (2018-2023) Royal Society URF Evolution of animal nervous systems
Dr Joe O’Reilly (2017-) NERC Research Associate Early animal evolution
Dr Kelly Vargas (2015-) Science without Borders Research Associate Early animal evolution

Graduate Students: PhD
Tom Smith (2018-) Patterns, processes, rates and constraints in the evolution of morphological disparity (NERC Bristol – with Davide Pisani, Joe O’Reilly, Mark Puttick, Matt Wills, Mario dos Reis, Thomas Guillerme)
Chris Stockey (2018-) Ecological drivers and evolutionary patterns: diet, feeding, evolution and extinction in conodonts (NERC Leicester – with Mark Purnell, Duncan Murdock)
Alan Beavan (2017-) Is genome evolution accelerated during radiations (BBSRC Bristol – with Davide Pisani)
Arsham Kourki (2017-) Origin and early radiation of Eumetazoa (Self funded Bristol – with Jakob Vinther)
Emma Landon (2016-) Decoding the Doushantuo (NERC Bristol – with Davide Pisani, Zongjun Yin)
Holly Betts (2015-) Divergence time estimation (NERC Bristol – with Davide Pisani, Tom Williams)
Frances Dunn (2015-) Ediacarans (NERC Bristol – with Alex Liu, Phil Wilby)

Visiting Research Fellows
Dr Raquel Lopez-Antonanzas Charge de Recherche CNRS, Institut des Sciences de’Evolution-Montpellier
Dr Kenneth de Baets Assistant Professor University of Erlangen, Nuremberg
• Dr Jennifer Greenwood Avon Wildlife Trust
• Dr Jon Jefferies, Visiting Research Fellow, University of Bristol
Dr Carlos Martínez-Perez University of Valencia
Dr Ayse Ozdemir: (2015-2016) Assistant Professor, Yuzuncu Yil University
Dr Martin Rücklin, Naturalis, Leiden, The Netherlands
Prof Harald Schneider, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanic Garden, Yunnan, China
Dr James Tarver: Honorary Research Fellow, University of Bristol
Dr Rachel Warnock: ETH Zurich, Basel

Lab Alumni

Visiting Faculty
• Prof Hector Botella: University of Valencia
• Dr Ayse Ozdemir (2015-2016) Assistant Professor, Yuzuncu Yil University

Postdoctoral Researchers
Dr Jonathan Antcliffe (2010-2013) Currently: Premier Assitant, Université de Lausanne
Dr John Cunningham (2008-2017; NERC IRF) Currently: Senior Teaching Associate, University of Bristol, UK
Dr Kenneth DeBaets (2012-2013) Currently: Assistant Professor, Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
Dr Neil Gostling (2005-2008) Currently: Senior Teaching Fellow, University of Southampton, UK
Dr David Jones (2009-2012) Currently: Publishing Editor, IOP Publishing, UK
Dr Alex Liu (2014-2016) Currently: Lecturer, University of Cambridge
Dr Raquel Lopez-Antonanzas (2014-2016) Currently: Charge de Recherche CNRS, Institut des Sciences de’Evolution-Montpellier
Dr Jenny Morris (2016-2017) Currently: Research Associate, Cardiff University
Dr Mark Puttick (2016-2017; NERC) Currently: 1851 Research Fellow, University of Bath, UK
Dr Imran Rahman (2010-2015) Currently: Research Fellow, Oxford Museum of Natural History, Oxford, UK
Dr Martin Rücklin (2008-2012) Currently: Research Leader, Naturalis Museum, Leiden, The Netherlands
Dr Bettina Schirrmeister (2012-2016) Currently: Data Scientist, Post Office
Dr James Tarver (2008-2012) Currently: NERC
Dr David Wacey (2014-2016) Currently: Research associate, University of Western Australia, Australia
Dr Monique Welten (2014-2016) Currently: Naturalis, Leiden, The Netherlands
Dr Tom Williams (2016-2017) Currently: Royal Society URF and Senior Lecturer, University of Bristol, UK

Graduate Students: PhD

Dr James Clark (2014-2019; BBSRC) The role of whole genome duplication in plant evolution. Currently: Research Associated at Oxford Plant Sciences
Dr JJ Hill (2012-2018) Evolution of the gnathostome jaw. Currently: SMNH, DC, USA
Dr Richard Taylor (2012-2017; EPSRC) The evolution of plants and their miRNAs. Currently: Research Associate at the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh
Dr Joseph O’Reilly (2013-2017; NERC) Integrating palaeontological and molecular methods of telling evolutionary time. Currently: Research Associate at Bristol Earth Sciences
Dr Joe Keating (2012-2016; NERC) Evolution of the vertebrate skeleton. Currently: Research Fellow at Manchester Earth Sciences
• Dr Anthony Hancy (2011-2018; NERC) Ecology and evolution of the Ediacara Biota
Dr Rachel Warnock (2009-2014; NERC) Integrating palaeontological and molecular methods of telling evolutionary time. Currently: Research Fellow at ETH Zurich
Dr Fleur Noailles (2009-2014) The evolutionary relationship of carpoids. Currently: Research Associate at University College Cork
• Dr Jennifer Greenwood (2008-2013; UoB Scholarship) Developmental evolution of neural crest and the emergence of vertebrate complexity. Currently: Monitoring Officer, Avon Wildlife Trust
Dr Duncan Murdock (2008-2012; NERC) Decoding the small shelly faunas and the origin of phyla. Currently: Research Fellow at Oxford University Museum of Natural History, UK
Dr Gai Zhi-kun (2006- 2011) Tomographic analysis of the galeaspid cranium. Currently: Researcher, IVPP Beijing, China
Dr Ceri Thomas (2006-2011) Decoding the fossil record of embryonic development. Currently: Strategy and Policy Manager, BBSRC
Dr James Tarver (2005-2009) Growth of systematic knowledge. Currently: Strategy and Policy Manager, EPSRC
Dr Graeme Lloyd (2004-2008) Rates of character evolution. Currently: Research Fellow, University of Leeds, UK
Dr Robert Sansom (2004-2008) Palaeobiology of extinct armoured vertebrates. Currently: Lecturer, School of Earth Sciences, University of Manchester, UK.
• Dr Rosie Jassi (2001-2008) Palaeobiology of complex conodonts. Currently: Canadian Geological Survey
Dr Jason Downs (2003-2005) Skeletal histology of placoderms. Currently: Assistant Professor, Delaware Valley University,
Dr Colin Barras (2002-2005) The origin and diversification of irregular echinoids. Freelance science journalist
Dr Linda Wickström (2000-2005) Life and death in the Lower Palaeozoic. Currently: Swedish Geological Survey

Graduate Students: MSc/ MSc

• Melina Jobbins (2017-2018)
• James Mawson (2017-2018)
• Jodie Murphy (2017-2018)
• Vanisa Pankhania (2017-2018)
• Hans Puschel-Rouliez (2017-2018)
• Roxana Taszus (2017-2018)
• Jonah Weiss (2017-2018)
Sam Royle (2016-2017) Evolution of vertebrate paired appendages. Currently: PhD candidate at Harvard University, USA
• Javier Parraga (2016-2017) The timescale of horse phylogeny
• James O’Shea (2016-2017) Osteostracans and the evolution of the vertebrate dermal skeleton
• Abi Pate (2015-2018) The evolution of language disparity
• Catherine Johnson (2015-2019) Total Evidence Dating of seed plants
• Gareth Coleman (2015-2016) Total Evidence Dating of crocodile phylogeny. Currently: PhD candidate at the University of Bristol
• Edine Pape (2011-2012) Evolution of the actinopterygian dermal skeleton. Currently: PhD candidate at Leeds University
Dr Wendy den Boer (2011-2012) Placoderm feeding and functional analysis. Currently: Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden
• Giannis Kesidis (2011-2012) Evolutionary origins of the vertebrate skeleton. Currently: PhD candidate at Uppsala University
Peter Adamson (2011-2012) Origin of animal biomineralization. Currently: PhD candidate at Cambridge University
Dr Sandy Hetherington (2011-2012) Independent origins of multicellularity and the exploration of organismal disparity. Currently: Postdoc Fellow at Oxford University
• Dr Sam Giles (2010-2011) Evolution of the placoderm dermal skeleton. Currently: Lecturer at University of Birmingham UK
• Andrew Pierce (2010-2011) Calibrating and constraining the molecular clock
Dr John Clarke (2009-2010) Establishing a timescale for plant evolution. Currently: Postdoc Fellow at Tartu University, Estonia
• Nancy Scott (2009-2010) Dating whole genome duplication events in vertebrate evolutionary history
• Dr Aodhán Butler (2008-2009) Experimental taphonomy of Artemia: analysing microbial controls on the preservation of soft tissue. Currently: Postdoc Fellow at Uppsala University, USA
• Dr Chloe Marquart (2007-2008) The nature of aspidin, the earliest vertebrate skeletonising tissue
• Dr Jenny Greenwood (2006-2007) Patterns of morphospace occupation in early vertebrates. Currently: Avon Wildlife Trust
• Kieran Hardman (2006-2007) Patterns of morphospace occupation in early vertebrates
Dr Jen Hoyal Cuthill (2005-2006) Patterns in the distribution of homoplasy. Currently: Postdoc Fellow at the University of Cambridge, UK
• Dr Ceri-Wyn Thomas (2005-2006) Decoding the fossil record of embryology at the dawn of animal evolution.  Currently: BBSRC
• Sarah Vinnell (2005-2006) Histology, apparatus architecture and homologies of Coelocerodontus: implications for conodont intrarelationships
Dr Andrew Gillis (2004-2005) Evolution of chondrichthyan tooth enameloid microstructure. Currently: Royal Society University Research Fellow, University of Cambridge, UK
• Isla Gladstone (2003-2005) Testing hypotheses the hypothesis of a eurypterid influence on vertebrate evolutionary history. Currently: Curator, Bristol Museum.
Dr Tom Harvey (2003-2004) The cuticle structure and phylogenetic affinities of palaeoscolecids). Currently: Lecturer in Geoscience, Department of Geology, University of Leicester, UK

Undergraduate Interns
• Holly Betts (2013-2015), Emma Smith (2014), Sandy Hetherington (2009-2012), Sam Giles (2009-11), Ian Fletcher (2009-10), Harry Allen (2009), Jenny Greenwood (2006), Maria Pawlowska (2005-2006), Laura Davies (2003-4), Kieron Forsberg (2003-4).